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Who Should Join Premier Cashback

Who should join Premier CashbackThe target market for those people who should join Premier Cashback is endless!

  • If you’re thinking about joining us, and you fit into one of these categories, here’s why Premier Cashback is a great fit.
  • If you’re already a member and looking to become active, these are tips for people who should be interested in what you have to offer them.

This list isn’t exhaustive by any means – think of your own acquaintances.

Candidates For The Business Opportunity

Anyone already in a network marketing business. We’re NOT looking to replace their main business, but if existing network marketers come across potential recruits for their main business who can’t afford the start-up cost, or the monthly auto-ship, or they drop out…. well then offer them the “one-off-cost” Premier Cashback business, rather than lose them to someone else.

Anyone who quit an MLM – find out why they quit. Every reason for quitting a conventional network marketing business is solved by Premier Cashback.

People too busy to devote regular chunks of time to building a business…. make your one-off purchase, then do what you can in the spare time you have available. Perhaps you’re still working, but looking to build a part-time business to boost your retirement income. Pick it up and put it down as your other commitments allow.

People with low start-up capital, e.g. someone who has lost their job. Start with a one-off purchase for £50 + P&P and invest time instead of money.

Conventional small business people – plumbers, painters, decorators. They understand that setting up a business takes at least some time and seed capital (£50 will seem a small sum to start a business)

People who didn’t prepare well enough for retirement – putting money into a pension “late in life” is often too little too late. Starting a Premier Cashback business is a very credible alternative.

Target Audience For Salustra Health Products

heart-px-250Complementary therapists can sell our products with confidence, backed up by 11 years of research and happy clients. Their customers can include:

  • Anyone suffering from indigestion / acid reflux, Purifica will aid digestion.
  • Arthritis sufferers.
  • Anyone who has a heart! Prevention is better than cure.

But you don’t need to be a complementary therapist to buy Salustra. As a Premier Cashback member you can order Salustra direct from the company and enjoy substantial cashback rewards as well as the health benefits of the products.

Check out some previous Salustra testimonials here.

Alternative Investors

Premier Cashback is NOT an investment in the conventional sense of the word and it most certainly isn’t a HYIP – if you don’t know what a HYIP is, trust me, you don’t want to. Avoid those like the plague.

But Premier Cashback is of interest to people with a little spare cash they want to use wisely.

  • For anyone interested in acquiring assets (limited edition prints, or original works of art) that can increase in value, Premier Cashback will be of art online
  • People in the above class could be people who buy art online, collect fine wines or stamps. Keep your ears open for people’s interests.
  • Perhaps you would enjoy buying and selling the artwork – your choice.
  • Someone wanting to build a nest-egg for children or grand-children – buy them an art voucher, forget about it, and by the time they’re ready for uni the position could be very valuable.
  • Anyone who has put $250 into a savings account of late will have realized that it would take MANY, MANY years to even double their money…. it will probably never happen. So if a passive member in Premier Cashback doubles their money in even 4 years time, they’ll be well ahead of what would have happened in a conventional investment.

NEVER put more money into Premier Cashback than you can comfortably afford. Unless you are a very active and prolific recruiter, Premier Cashback is a slow and steady program. Don’t use the rent, the food money or the mortgage. Instead, consider diverting the cost of one decent night-out every month into your business.

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Premier Cashback - The Best Home Business Team
We work together as a team, and we're looking for more members. Could YOU be the next to work with us? Fill in the form to learn why joining our team is your best ever networking move.