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Premier Cashback Business Testimonials

Here’s what our existing members say about the Premier Cashback Business Opportunity.

What Premier Cashback Members Say

Premier Cashback thrives because it pays generous cashback rewards to members who are buying products they love, only when they want them (no auto-ships / sales targets) – so it’s extremely accessible to those who want a part-time business and may have struggled (and left) MLMs that needed a regular time and financial commitment.

On the other side of the coin, for anyone who can give Premier Cashback a full-time commitment, there’s a superb career plan and we have excellent team support for all levels of commitment. Ask for a one-one call with one of our leaders.

Ray Ward Premier Cashback TestimonialRay Ward says: “I have been involved in the MLM/Network Marketing industry on and off for twenty years now. Premier Cashback to me has got to be the most unique program of its kind. For those of you who are looking for a REAL long-term business opportunity that pays everyone who are due a payment every two weeks I can highly recommend Premier Cashback. Every member, worldwide, helps everyone else by just making their purchase.

“I started promoting Premier Cashback in Feb 2015 after quite a number of so called ‘great new programs’ let me down and I have to say the business has rocketed. In a few short months I reached Double Ruby with a very strong growing team that includes a number of Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald members. I cannot wait for 2016 to rock this business all the way to the top. The secret to making it work is to be persistent and consistent in your work ethic.”

Barry Light Premier Cashback TestimonialBarry Light says: “In May 2015 I was invited to take a look at the Premier Cashback business opportunity  As an internet marketer I’m always interested in genuine ways to make money online. There was a meeting in my home town of Bournemouth, so it was simple to check it out. I was immediately impressed by the professionalism of the event – hosted by ex premier league footballer Brian Stock and other leaders.

“The company launched in 2008 fueled by the three fastest growing phenomena in the last decade – Customer Loyalty Points, Cash Back and Refer a Friend. Combining these elements and Premier Cashback’s innovative marketing concept has resulted in guaranteed returns of 540% over and over again. You will only understand how this pay-plan is sustainable, transparent and proven when you watch the video that explains the Premier Cashback compensation plan. Because a one-off purchase qualifies you for life, unlike any other MLM, Premier Cashback has a 100% membership retention rate. The company has never once missed a payment to its members in the last 7 years.”


Joy Healey Premier Cashback testimonialJoy Healey says: “I still have a full-time off-line business, but – having failed to provide for a decent retirement income, I want to develop a sideline income to supplement the state pension.

“I have tried many network marketing businesses before, but Premier Cashback is the best business I ever found because it fits into the little amount time I have available to run a home business.

“I don’t have to keep paying for monthly auto-ships and meeting sales targets. The team support is excellent.”



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