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FastestTeam300x250When you join Premier Cashback in the Best Home Business Team you get the following benefits:

  • Join our closed Facebook group and learn from experienced “career-level” Premier Cashback distributors – experiences leaders in the industry who have left huge businesses to join our team
  • Set of training emails you can use to send to YOUR new recruits – unchanged, or tailor to your own preference
  • Access to membership of our training site, which includes an auto-responder series, videos, banners and lead pages – developed by top Internet Coach Paul Lester
  • Duplicatable process that new recruits can follow, including tips on offline networking the way the professionals do it

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If you have come here as a result of a personal referral, PLEASE check that the referrer is the person who sent you to this site. If not, or if the referrer is blank, please Contact Us because membership of Premier Cashback is by invitation only.

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When you have opened your free account, you will receive a free invitation to our Facebook group. You are welcome to look round, watch videos / webinars and ask questions in the group. However – because Premier Cashback is a product based business no-one makes any profits without products being sold. When you are ready to make a purchase, buy from one or all of these retail partners.

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The idea of this site is to capture people you DON’T know. If you have a personal contact you’re talking to, get them to open their free PCB account BEFORE showing them this site so they are locked in to you.


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